About Chiropractic

About Chiropractic in Burlington NJ

Chiropractic helps more than just back pain.

If you struggle with health problems and have thought about seeing a chiropractor, you might be amazed at what I’m about to share with you…

What if, in a few months from now, you could fully enjoy activities you love to do like a family picnic in the park, a movie with friends, or a relaxing camping trip?

You could be living life pain free and with more energy like you did when you were younger… Healthy and active.Hard to believe? We’ll tell you how you can live life to it’s fullest.

We’re Dr. James Galgano and Dr. Antonietta Sorbara-Galgano. We’ve been using the most modern chiropractic technology to gently and precisely help thousands of people in the Burlington area feel better, have more energy, and live healthier happier lives.

Chiropractic is a safer and gentler alternative to conventional medicine with a focus on natural therapy instead of taking powerful drugs with harmful side effects or risky surgery. It is used to help people of all ages… even small babies and the elderly.

Read what Jacqueline had to say:

“For years I struggled with back, knee and hip problems…About 15 seconds after my first adjustment, I felt immediate relief and a great sense of relaxation surge through my body. I stood up and walked around the room with absolutely no pain…I feel fabulous and am continually getting stronger and healthier!”

- Jacqueline, Cherry Hill, NJ

You understand how rough it is to lead a normal life when you suffer with excruciating pain.

Taking addictive prescriptions or getting risky surgery may not be necessary when a safe and gentle chiropractic treatment might be all you need to regain your health.

Deteriorating vertibrae, spinal injuries, and herniated disks can be the cause of pain and discomfort in your neck, head, back, and even your legs or arms.

Your spine encases and safeguards your nerves before they span out your body.

Chiropractors can often treat many types of pain, tingling, and numbness anywhere in your body by gently correcting or manipulating your back to relieve pinches and pressures on nerves where they leave the spinal column.

Before you get loopy on drugs or going under the knife to stop your pain, try chiropractic in Burlington NJ.


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