Auto Accident in Burlington

Auto Accident in Burlington NJ

Auto Accident

One minute you are happily going about your day and then WHAM! An auto accident instantly changes everything…From that day on, you live with aches, pains, and discomfort every day… Uncertain about your future health.

POST Accident

Simple daily pleasures become arduous and aggravating.

Playing with your children like you use to can feel torturous when jolting pain shoots up and down your spine.

A romantic dinner with your spouse is agonizing when your legs go numb after sitting for just a few minutes.

You can’t even walk your dog without getting that “pins and needles” feeling with every step.A jarring car collision can leave you with chronic lower back and neck pain that may never go away on its own.

Muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs don’t do anything to heal the source of the injury.They reduce the pain for a little while but you still feel lethargic and “out of it” as life continues to pass you by.

Automobile accidents cause a variety of spine related injuries such as back pain, neck pain, whiplash, dizziness, achy muscles, numbness/tingling in arms and legs, and sharp stabbing pains.

Sometimes these problems aren’t apparent right away and may take days, months, or even years to become obvious when the injured spinal disks eventually deteriorate and collapse… Resulting in permanent nerve damage, unbearable pain, and disability.

Back and neck surgery is invasive and one small slip of the knife can leave you in pain and permanently disabled.

Specialized chiropractic treatments may be safest and fastest way to recover and live a normal life.


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