Struggling with Headaches in Burlington?

try chiropractic care for headache and migraine relief

Headaches are not fun, and migraines are another level of awful. Living with either of these issues can make you feel grumpy, and in the worst-case scenario, leave you unable to function. Medication may help in the short term, but when the problem is ongoing or re-occurring, pills are generally not enough. The source of your headaches and migraines is usually structural, and therefore proper treatment can help you overcome this debilitating issue. Headache relief at our Burlington chiropractic clinic may be the solution you are looking for.

Headaches and Migraines in Burlington

Whether you are dealing with a persistent ache in your head, or the worst symptoms associated with migraines, including light and noise intolerance, nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, depression, and irritation the cause may be a structural issue. When the spine moves out of position because of developmental issues, trauma, repetitive stress, and other incidents, it can put pressure on the surrounding nerves. When the nerves are compressed or irritated, they send a message to the muscles of the back, neck, and jaw to tighten.

This tightness can lead directly to an acute headache or migraine. Over time the tightness can also pull your bones out of alignment leading to more persistent headaches and migraines. A headache or migraine can be a sign that there are deeper problems arising in your spinal column, and because every other system in your body is impacted by your spinal health, it is very important to deal with these issues when the signs begin to arise.

Chiropractic Treatment for Headaches and Migraines

Chiropractic care has a long history of successfully treating headaches and migraines. Chiropractors in Burlington have an extensive understanding of subtle issues occurring in the spine which, due to its connection with the nervous system, is very often the source of pain. A chiropractic treatment starts with a thorough evaluation that will rule out other possible causes of your headache and examine your spine for issues of misalignment.

The assessment will determine the exact type of treatment that is necessary for the specific issue at the root of the pain. Using gentle and non-invasive techniques a chiropractor is able to achieve adjustments to the spine that, although they may seem subtle, can provide almost instant relief and restore your long-term health. Unlike medications which treat the problem on the surface level and provide only short-term relief, a chiropractic adjustment will address the cause of your headache or migraine and provide lasting results that will improve your quality of life.

If you are struggling with migraines or headaches call our team at Burlington Chiropractic today for help.

Migraine Headache Treatment

Migraine headaches can make an otherwise normal life impossible.

The slightest sound booms in your ears like a cannon while the side of your head throbs as you hope the endless pounding will go away.

You confine yourself from your family and friends to escape the distress of not being able to live normally.

The people you love enjoy life while you suffer alone

Family doctors prescribe strong pain killers to temporarily cover up the pain… but they don’t last… leaving you in silent agony with persistent pounding headaches…

New research has shown that migraine headaches might be caused by spinal problems where mobility is hindered or bones are not aligned properly.

Chiropractic care may be the answer to finally eliminate your recurring migraine headaches once and for all.

At Burlington Chiropractic, we use modern chiropractic techniques to relieve your pain without twisting or cracking your spine.

Our precision thermal scanning and motion xray technology allows us to eliminate the guess work to quickly and effectively zero in on your problem… giving you faster results, longer relief, and lower costs.

Judy’s headaches were completely gone without medication after visiting our office…

"For over 20 years, I was plagued with migraine headaches. During this time I was treated by several medical doctors, each of whom prescribed various tests and many drugs ranging from anti-inflammatory to narcotics, all of which worked for a short period of time, but the headaches never fully went away for long. Since I have been under your care, the headaches have gone completely and I have not required any migraine medication and I am a much HAPPIER PERSON!!"

- Judy

Here’s what Ferol had to say about our care…

“When I first came to Dr. Galgano’s office, I was in a lot of pain and I passed out from my pain. Everyone was so wonderful to me, they couldn’t do enough for me. I could walk out of the office with little pain. Dr. Galgano also called and saw me on a Saturday. Not only is my back getting stronger but I have less headaches and I am not waking up all stuffy. I’m very satisfied with my improvement.”

- Ferol H.

A chiropractic analysis can pinpoint the cause of the pain.

Once the source is found, a gentle chiropractic adjustment can mobilize and realign the problem area to allow the body to naturally heal itself, regain normal function, and eliminate the headaches for good.

If you struggle with migraine headaches, it’s time to set up a full evaluation by Dr. Galgano to find out if a chiropractic treatment is the best answer for you.


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