Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor

Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor

Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor Burlington NJ

According to a latest report compiled by Luke B. Connelly and associates (1), musculoskeletal ailments are classified among the notable causes of chronic disability across the globe. Connelly reviewed and compiled the data after analyzing the reports from 60 countries to reach the conclusion that the global prevalence of joint and bone issues has increased by 25% in the past decade. According to another study, it was estimated that each year approximately 20 – 39% individuals see their primary care provider for the management of musculoskeletal issues.

However, it has been observed that more people are now reverting to holistic and alternative medicine for the long term management of chronic degeneration conditions. Chiropractors use interventional (manual spinal manipulation and soft tissue mobilization) as well as conservative approach to enhance longevity and vitality.

Listed below are the primary benefits of seeking help from a chiropractor:

Effective Treatment: Most pharmacological and surgical modalities address the symptoms and not the cause. Chiropractors on the other hand utilize a schematic approach to improve overall health by selective identification and elimination of hazardous behavior/ influence that is causing the disease/ symptom.

According to a latest report published in the peer reviewed journal Chiropractic & Manual Therapies (3), author concluded that chiropractic spinal manipulation, along with stretching and strengthening exercises can alleviate the pain symptoms more effectively as compared to pharmacological agents.

There has been a misconception in general population that chiropractic care is only effective in the long term and is less reliable for short-term or immediate results. To ascertain the quality of results, Walker and associates (4) conducted a study on 108 patients with chronic history of spinal pain. The study sample was divided in two groups and each group received either sham therapy or chiropractic therapy. After completion of the short study period, it was observed that chiropractic therapy is superior to sham and other therapies for acute resolution of disturbing symptoms.

Affordable and cost-effective intervention: The Journal of Manipulative and Psychological Therapeutics has reported that the integrated health care approach by chiropractors can help in minimizing the cost of drugs and other pharmaceutical expenses by 51.8%. In addition, individuals who seek regular chiropractic care for musculoskeletal ailments spend 43% less as compared to those who employ allopathic treatments.

The cost benefits are even higher if long term implications of chiropractic therapy are considered. For example another study published in Journal of manipulative and physiological therapeutics (5) compared the cost of chiropractic therapy with other therapeutic modalities that are utilized for the management of musculoskeletal issues. After conducting an extensive literature review, study concluded that:

“This review provides statistical evidence of economic advantage of manual therapy relative to other interventions used for the management of musculoskeletal conditions, indicating that some manual therapy techniques may be more cost-effective than usual GP care, spinal stabilization, GP advice, advice to remain active, or brief pain management for improving low back and shoulder pain/disability”

Cover wide range of health issues: It has been observed that spinal misalignment can present with a wide range of issues. For example, besides neck and back pain, individuals also report headaches, migraine attacks, episodes of numbness, paresthesia and paralysis in addition to non-specific symptoms like depression, anxiety, fatigue, weight gain, metabolic syndrome etc. One of the core benefits of seeing a skilled chiropractor is to get rid of all the health issues with one treatment.

According to pediatric chiropractor, Nancy Elwartowski-Cooper patients are no more interested in drugs and surgical procedures. Most patients today are smart and they look for answers instead of seeking temporary solution.

Restoration of anatomical and physiological architecture: Human body is exposed to physical, environmental and pathological agents that strives to destroy the internal environment and integrity of biological systems. Our immune system offers maximal resistance and strength to the offending stressors, but with physiological aging, persistent pressure or strain and several other factors, some systems gets compromised in the process.

Chiropractors identify the issues and devise treatment strategies to restore proper alignment of the musculoskeletal and neurological system. Renowned chiropractor, Brian Elwartowski, says that the brain send down the signal through the spinal cord and out via the nerves to the entire body. If a twisted spine squeezes some of the nerves, they will lose their proper functioning. This is where chiropractic care saves the day and enables these nerves to function at the optimum level. Chiropractic interventions improve the anatomical connectivity of tissues and enhances the chances of recovery and regeneration.

All chiropractors work with you to improve overall health and fitness. This is achieved by nutritional advices, ergonomics, lifestyle counseling and exercise recommendations. For the successful management of any chronic condition, it is highly recommended to adopt a more holistic and extensive approach.

Why chiropractic care?

Since chiropractic is a natural healing method so it is preferred by those who seek alternative or complementary health care system for both chronic and acute conditions. Often times, chiropractors team up with the other healthcare providers depending upon your co-morbid medical conditions and overall health status. If your condition demands the referral or review from another healthcare provider or surgeon, chiropractors facilitate the transition. The bottom line is, if you are tired of switching the pharmacological drugs and doctors, you should consider holistic care. Besides, what other way to treat a condition than the natural way itself?

If you are experiencing frequent episodes of neck, back or joint pain, consult a chiropractor to utilize effective and affordable healthcare.


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