Fibromyalgia Could be the Source of Exhaustion

Fibromyalgia Could be the Source of Exhaustion

Fibromyalgia can be the cause of constant fatigue, exhaustion, and widespread muscle and joint pain.
It can keep you bedridden and dejected if not analyzed and treated accurately.

Activities as trivial as getting dressed in the morning can leave you tired and sore all over your body as if you haven’t slept for days.

Have you discussed it with your physician over and over hoping to get some direction but they really have no idea what’s wrong?

Does everyone you mention it to think you’re out of your mind?

When you really think about it, you know for sure something’s got to be wrong but no one understands…

Before being misdiagnosed and opting for unnecessary surgery or using the wrong medications, you should get a comprehensive private examination to find answers for your fatigue.

It is a common but frequently misunderstood condition.

Over 12 million Americans suffer with fibromyalgia and it’s often associated with deep depression and isolation.

Just a few common symptoms of fibromyalgia can be: stress, difficulty sleeping, exhaustion, numbness or tingling in fingers and feet, frequent migraines, and widespread pain.

There is no simple laboratory test to detect fibromyalgia and frequently conventional doctors will incorrectly diagnose the condition or won’t find anything wrong.

You need a answer to your problem without getting the run-around from every doctor you see.

Stop feeling like you’ve been awake for days.

Let Dr. Galgano renew your strength and youthful living by scheduling a thorough chiropractic exam.


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